Research Topics

This page gives you an overview of the various topics that are actively researched by the Institute of Informatics Didactics. If you are interested in collaborating with us on one or several of these topics as academic partner or as a PhD student/Postdoc do not hesitate to contact Andreas Bollin. Your input and feedback is very welcome.

Software Engineering Education

Software Engineering education has to account for a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills software engineers will be required to apply throughout their professional life. Covering all the topics in depth within a university setting is infeasible due to curricular constraints as well as due to the inherent differences between educational institutions and the actual workplace of individual graduates. Within the framework of the AMEISE project we are using a flexible simulation environment to overcome motivational barriers and link various topic areas of Software Engineering to the daily work of practitioners. Recent research results have been presented at IEEE-CS Conferences on Software Engineering and Training CSEET 2011 and CSEET 2012.

Advanced Software Comprehension Techniques

Today’s systems become more and more software-intensive which typically means that software is the major component that provides the needed functionality. Formal specifications seem to be a silver bullet, but there are a couple of drawbacks: at first, not all stakeholders are familiar with the notations used, and agreeing upon assertions in specifications (and thus agreeing upon requirements) is complicated. Secondly, mathematically dense notations in combination with the inherent complexity might be an impediment for the understanding of the specified system – even for experts. Finally, for gaining maximum benefit from the specifications, it needs effort to keep them up-to-date during the development live-cycle. Specifications evolve, and without guidance developers do not know whether the overall quality increases or decreases. In the ViZ project these impediments are addressed and visualization, concept location and transformation techniques are used to support the different stakeholders. Recent research results have been presented in the Journal on Software Maintenance and Evolution: Research and Practice 2008, the Journal of Communications in Computer and Information Science 2010, in LNCS 2011, in the International NASA Journal on Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering 2012, and at WS-FMDS 2012.

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